Jomi Cubol

Designer /// Writer /// Obsessive

Born in Manila, Philippines.

Goes to a technical school at age 10 to learn fundamentals in information technology, industrial drafting, electrical & mechanical engineering.

Moves to Yonkers, New York at age 14 where the creative arts becomes his emphasis: acting, dancing, and graphic & web design. Gets early freelance gigs for non-profits, aspiring musicians, and local organizations.

Goes to study English & Journalism in Albany, New York. Joins a fraternity and within the first year as a member, creates the national blog, art directs several widespread social campaigns, successfully expands into a new university, and becomes its first public relations chairman.

After college, reads “Smart People Should Build Things” and becomes inspired to join a local startup building productivity tools for creative professionals.

In 2015, becomes a product designer working on consumer and enterprise software for the job search & HR industry.

In 2016, joins Condé Nast as a designer on the Co/Lab team to pursue his personal mission in shifting the culture through media and publishing.

Outside of his day job, he runs an experimental design studio focused on projects in the intersection of art, technology, design, culture, and commerce.

The universal theme to his work and thinking is:

the pursuit of creativity and shared humanity.

As a lifelong and largely self-taught student, his insatiable curiosity and genuine love for learning has been instrumental to everything he has done so far and is yet to do. He believes in doing things that are scary, risky, bold, and open for criticism & vulnerability. After all, in this inevitable saunter towards death, the only thing that matters is how we make people feel.

Favorite Essays