Build Tomorrow Today.™

I’m a product & design leader working in the intersection of software and media. I help startups and mature teams build the future.

Most recently, I worked at Condé Nast where I built numerous revenue-generating products, led design and engineering teams, and helped create the universal design system powering its portfolio of brands (which includes GQ, Vogue, WIRED, The New Yorker, Bon Appétit, among others). Before that, I designed mobile apps and enterprise software for startups.

My mission is to elevate the human experience through design and technology. I work to bring the craft, conviction, and courage into building technology it needs and deserves. I treat the practice as an art form as the things we build are more than just commercial products but an expression of what we believe should exist in the world and how it ought to be.

I currently run a product & design consultancy but am also open to potential full-time opportunities where there is a natural fit.

For more information, view my résumé or email