Be Yourself


I’m always looking for people who think and act long-term, seek to combine the futuristic with the humanistic, and want to create a positive impact on society at scale.

If you fit that description for any reason, get in touch!


For transparency's sake, I want to be clear on my values (definitions are taken from the dictionary for clarity).

I align most with people who share the same instincts (regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, background, and personality type) and have some track record for it (the weirder and more uncommon, the better!) motivated by a chip on their shoulder or some existential reason.

I value these more than skill and experience and do my best to uphold my own. If someone has this combination, they will figure things out along the way, are willing to take risks and make mistakes (rather than avoid looking foolish, which never leads to extraordinary results), are open to learning and teaching others, and are generous with their help.

I've developed a strong signal for this—or so I believe—over the years, having interacted and worked with hundreds of people from different sizes and stages of companies, and do my best to continuously sharpen my own (or they wouldn't be “values,” but just some words).

If you feel we can learn from each other, holla.

Where we go from here is a choice I leave to you: