My belief set is my current operating system. It's based on experience, accumulated knowledge, and shifting perspective. These are less absolute truths and more a distillation of what gives me purpose & motivation and how I arrived at my mission.

The Importance of Economic Growth

  1. Economic growth is imperative for the long-term peace and prosperity of humanity. It creates better standards of living, longer lifespans, lower mortality rates, and more general fulfillment. Lack of economic growth may result in the opposite and has serious ramifications for the future of the population.1
  2. We must dare to create new things if we want economic growth that can advance humanity as a whole. Technology that leads to significant continuous productivity gains, wealth, and employment is an extremely important driver of economic growth.
  3. To accelerate how we can build technology, we need to widen opportunity, mobility, and access for as many people to be able to contribute. There is no limit to man’s creativity therefore the more people that can build technology and build with technology, the more potential for economic growth there will be.
  4. “For as many people” means including and especially underrepresented communities and neglected groups whose diverse experiences, perspectives, and skillsets can only add to a richer sphere of technological possibilities, more intelligent discourse, and more active participation from the population.
  5. The future won’t design itself. Those who have vision and ability to create it have a moral obligation of doing so to propel further economic growth that has a lasting impact on society's trajectory long after they're gone and to set up the next generation of builders that can continue humanity's peace and prosperity. We must build tomorrow today.

[1] I've seen firsthand what lack of economic growth looks like while growing up in the Philippines. It's certainly much better today, but there was (and continues to be) wide income disparity, corruption, underinvested infrastructure, and poor healthcare and education systems (unless you can afford it which is very expensive) reducing faith in the country's economic prospects in the future. This results in valuable human capital searching for better lives elsewhere, as was the case for my family.