I combine product, design, and strategy to build industry-transforming products that are opinionated, beautiful, impactful.

My passion is solving hard complex problems with beautiful and sophisticated software. I obsess on the unique attributes of a company, translate it into a strong product vision, define how the product should look and feel, and lead design and engineering teams to make them come to life.

Latest Projects

Verso: The Condé Nast Design System for a global audience of 120 million+ readers

Role 1: Lead Designer, Verso Homepages

Special thanks: Product: Ben Smit. Engineering: Mason Wendell, Greg Kilian, Jeff Morin, David Colucci. Design: Gabriel Alves, Julianne Sombat, Hugo Broche, Tyler Reinhard, Jansen Cumbie, Alessandra Recine.

Finished product + live example for Allure.

Finished product + live example for them.

Finished product + live example for Teen Vogue.


TV Segment: Cheddar: “Glamour Gets Digital Makeover“

Role 2: Team Design Lead, Verso Design System

Special thanks: Design: Gabriel Alves, Sarah Hood, Gillean Yuen, Liam Boylan. Product: Jeremy Browning, Ben Smit, Noah Robischon, Cia Bernales. Engineering: Javi Javier, Julie Busch, Jason Sauser, et. al.

Deliverable: Help scale system to all brands.

Deliverable: Maximize reusability of design and code onto new functionality and business needs.

GQ Homepage Concept: Heavily art direction based, with commerce, subscription, and longform emphasis. Visual designs by me.

WIRED Homepage Concept: strong category based interspersed with video which is a medium WIRED is looking to expand further. Visual designs by me.

VF Hive & Teen Vogue Homepage Concepts: based on number of stories published, ~20 times a week vs. ~40 times a week. Visual designs by me.

AD Pro: The professional business publication from Architectural Digest

Role: Product + UX

Special thanks: Design: Adrian Harwood, Nelson Wallace, Lydia White. Product: Zac Frank. Engineering: Brandon Chang, Jeff Morin, Michael Warren, Fran Devinney, Alex Robertson. Brand Lead: Kim Beer.

Visit the live website (4 free articles with email).

Deliverable: Brand new website with new components, new templates (channels, account management, etc.), new business model (B2B subscription) working on top of the Verso design system. Visual design by Adrian Harwood.


Feature: Wall Street Journal: “Condé Nast, Seeking Extra Revenue, Turns to Professionals”

Golf Digest Schools: The premium video-based instruction portal from Golf Digest

Role: Product Designer

Special thanks: Design:Adrian Harwood, Sarah Rowe. Product: Randi Eichenbaum, Joe Cera. Engineering: Jeff Morin, Michael Warren, David Colucci. Strategy: Mark Engelberg, Dominic Ainscough. Brand: Chris Reynolds, Molly Baldwin.

Deliverable: Interactive video lesson page.

Final: Video lesson page with progressive modules and learning tools (lesson overview, drills, swing keys). Visual design by Adrian Harwood.


Article: Digiday: “With Golf Digest, Conde Nast tees up first of several consumer marketing efforts”


Condé Nast Co/Lab Projects

GQ Photo Galleries

Redesigned one of GQ's most visited templates to increase viewability, completion rate, recirculation, and eventually, affiliate revenue and sponsorships.

Special thanks: Product: Doug Seidman. Design: Hugo Broche. Engineering: Dane Stuckel, Isaac Torres, Jennie Shapira, Evan Hopkins. Digital: Jon Wilde, Mike Hofman. GM: Rob DeChiaro.

New features include a cinematic feel on both web and mobile, multiple image slide, sponsor content units, affiliate products, immersive recirculation units.

Cinematic feeling story lede immerses you into a more photo-driven template.

Concept for swiping to the next gallery.

Also designed new recirculation opportunities. (Watch full mobile prototype below.)

Prototype of gallery on mobile.

Important Note: This entire vertical gallery design including new revenue and recommendation features was eventually adopted into other galleries across Condé Nast via the Verso Design System. Here are examples for Vogue, Bon Appetit, and WIRED.

GQ Best Stuff Newsletter

Using similar logic and modules from the GQ Gallery project, extended this to the Best Stuff Newsletter to create a commerce email. Press: Digiday: “GQ builds on success of ‘Best Stuff’ vertical with first commerce newsletter”

Special thanks: Product: Doug Seidman. Design: Hugo Broche. Engineering: Dane Stuckel, Isaac Torres, Jennie Shapira, Evan Hopkins.

Golf World Redesign

Worked on bringing back one of the oldest sports media brands and redesigning its identity and content experiences. Golf World would be the premiere destination of golf analysis and features related to the sport for Golf Digest.

Special thanks: Design: Elaine Shum, Malcolm Dia. Product: Joe Cera. Engineering: David Colucci. Strategy: Mark Engelberg, Dominic Ainscough. Brand: Chris Reynolds, Molly Baldwin.

New sub-brand homepage.

New longform template.

Foundation MVP Documentation Site

Designed a lightweight and minimal documentation site on Gatsby that acted as a source of truth of the yet-to-be-named design system while it was being built. Also created the documentation process and early heuristics/flowcharts for creating components.

Special thanks: Engineering: Meghan Morris

Designed a lightweight and minimal documentation site on Gatsby that acted as a source of truth of the yet-to-be-named design system while it was being built.

Original concept and branding for a publicly available design system before toning it down to make it more brand agnostic as a strictly private hub. Kept the structure and documentation workflow.

Brides Wedding Inspiration Gallery

Worked on information architecture and UX of Brides wedding gallery, a resource and database of all kinds of wedding inspiration, from dresses, to rings, to everything in between.

Special thanks: Design: Elaine Shum, Cortney Cassidy, Sydney Haas, Christina Doo. Engineering: Noah Seger.

Built a gallery with a faceted search (e.g. “Wedding Dresses” + “Monique Lhullier” + “A-Line”).

Condé Nast User Journey Framework

Created a framework for building new products to dial in and align user and business needs.

Special thanks: Design: Adrian Harwood

An adaption of the hook model that is tailored to Condé Nast's business model and offerings.

Condé Nast Experience Platform

Designed a proof-of-concept and proposal to create a cross-brand universal design system that would serve all 20+ Condé Nast owned-and-operated websites. The genesis of this thinking with product, engineering, and analytics would plant the seed to eventually become the Verso Design System years later.

Special thanks: Design: Peter Knocke. Product: Joe Cera. Engineering: Sean Mize, Marcos Venetta. Analytics: Tulika Singh.

Early design kit. This platform thinking would eventually be applied to GQ Galleries and the project is what would eventually become Verso years later.

Apploi Projects

Apploi Mobile App

Apploi is a B2B2C startup focused on efficient talent acquisition, pipeline, and hiring for hourly work. Designed their next generation mobile app that leveraged the strength of the product focused on video responses and geo-location.

Hypercontextual job app that focused on key industries, travel time, and allowed 1-tap to apply with already existing profile and resume.

Apploi Consumer App (Churchill)

Created a new end-to-end job application system for hourly jobs that removes friction of asking for an application, filling it out, and giving a resume in-store. Instead, all of these can be done in minutes increasing the speed and likelihood to get a hourly job more suited to the applicant.

Special thanks: Product Team: Tom Gebauer, Georgina Narich, Cortney Cassidy, Marie Raton, Rob Greenspan.

Applicants can pre-fill with their existing resume, answer questionnaires via video/audio responses, and add times that would be ideal for them to work.

Apploi Enterprise App (Truman)

Helped with a major redesign and introduce new functionality to a cloud-based HR app that helps hiring managers list jobs, filter and communicate with candidates, and update their store profile all in a single app.

Special thanks: Product Team: Tom Gebauer, Georgina Narich, Marie Raton, Rob Greenspan.

Can see listed jobs and candidates who applied at a glance and can see how far along they are in the process.


These are only some of the many projects and initiatives I was a part of throughout my career but I want to thank everyone that I've worked with in any capacity, from those who gave me a chance, to those I've had the privilege of leading. I'm fortunate to have been in the trenches with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry who will continue to do great work in this business.

If by chance you stumble upon this, know you always have a friend in me. Feel free to reach at all for anything. You know I mean that. Remember the motto: “What's stopping us?!”


Let's build the future of software, media, and culture together. For inquiries, email jomi.cubol @, DM me on Twitter, or text (914) 979-2287.