I combine strategy, design, & leadership to build industry-transforming products that are opinionated, beautiful, & impactful.

I’m a seasoned product designer and design leader with a strong foundation in user experience & interface design, business strategy, product management, and front-end and mobile development.

Resumes and portfolios often don't do designers and design managers justice (though here's mine). In summary, I'm primarily a designer, but also have experience in both product and engineering, and use any and all tools at my disposal to help build digital products that create new categories and help reshape industries. This page is an attempt at a storytelling format of all the work I've done from the past decade.

For my operational values, visit my About page. For inquiries, email or visit Feel Eternity, my design studio I founded.



2022 - Present

Currently, I'm the founding product designer for Balanced, a new fitness platform for healthier aging.

Feel Eternity

2021 - ∞

I'm the founder & principal of Feel Eternity, a design consultancy helping companies create new digital businesses for the future.

I consult on discovery & research, product strategy, and design systems for startups that want to expand beyond their core offering and mature companies who want to explore new areas.

I am also writing a book on complex problem solving & business strategy through the lens of digital product design, which is an extension of a lecture series I taught in NYU.

All work is currently under NDA.

Thirty Madison

2021 - 2022

I was the Design Lead & Group Manager for Thirty Madison's Launch Team, architecting its centralized system and mobile applications.

I was hired by Thirty Madison as a consultant through my company Feel Eternity to help strategize, design, and build the foundations of Central App, its universal design system that will allow it to build entirely new brands and scale new products and features with minimum development effort.

This involved creating its multibrand component library, the design token architecture, and its entire end-to-end consumer journey from conversion all the way to retention. This is a technically complex undertaking connecting dozens of microfrontends, services, and a front-end layout engine that sets up the foundation of Thirty Madison to be a multi-brand, multi-condition, multi-business-model healthcare platform for years to come.

During this process, I helped launch Facet, Thirty Madison's new skincare brand, as the first brand to be built entirely through Central App, and re-joined full-time as design lead and group design manager across all of Launch's engineering teams and the principal designer for its mobile team.

I helped architect its entire front-end stack and designed future products from high-level strategy, down to the smallest of pixels and ushered features across both web and mobile all the way through engineering implementation.

Cove by Thirty Madison


Cove, a brand under Thirty Madison, is the go-to destination for migraine sufferers to get treatment online. I was the first in-house product designer and design manager leading all design efforts in conversion, retention, and partnerships.

I led all design in consumer features such as "Build Your Plan", the initial recommendation quiz for prospective patients, the online medical consultation, quarterly patient check-ins, and many more.

I also streamlined and modernized the design system, helped optimize the design-to-engineering pipeline across new features and system improvements like React Storybook and the design QA process, started the design team, and led quarterly design strategy & planning.

In addition, I worked with and designed flows for external pharma partners, for our proprietary supplements, integrations with PillPack, Blink Health and products like Allay Lamp, and advised on building the non-prescription business.

Condé Nast


Condé Nast owns 20+ of the most-renowned media brands in the world with an audience of 120+ million across 32 markets. I designed many digital products, several new million-dollar digital businesses, led design & engineering teams, and helped create Verso, its global design system now used by product development teams worldwide.
Verso Team Design Lead

In 2019, I became the team lead for the entire Verso Design System, leading design, strategy, & operations for all system-wide and brand-specific design work, was a key decision-maker for the design org on where and how to deploy resources while partnering with other stakeholders outside tech organization.

I continued to design a lot of concepts from a component and page perspective, helped build the user account pages for our subscription brands, while managing all delivery and leading a team of designers.

Deliverable: Help scale system to all brands.

GQ Homepage Concept: Heavily art direction based, with commerce, subscription, and longform emphasis. Visual designs by me.

WIRED Homepage Concept: strong category based interspersed with video which is a medium WIRED is looking to expand further. Visual designs by me.

AD Pro

Also in 2019 and in parallel with being team lead, I worked with Architectural Digest to create AD Pro, a member-only publication for the interior design industry. I designed purchase flows, different content experiences, new system components for their content strategy, and led product for the engineering team in delivery of the front-end: roadmap, creating all user stories, assesing design system tradeoffs, and creating the CMS logic to curate the new sub-brand.

Deliverable: Brand new website with new components, new templates (channels, account management, etc.), new business model (B2B subscription) working on top of the Verso design system. Visual design by Adrian Harwood.

Verso Homepages

In 2018, I led design for the Homepages team, which created all Discovery components (40+) and variations (120+) to be used on all Condé Nast websites, and helping architect customization (styling configurations, responsive behavior, aspect ratios, template logic) as well as how to operate it in our content management system. We launched the pilot for Glamour, Teen Vogue, and them.

Finished product + live example for Teen Vogue.

Finished product + live example for Allure.

Design System Website + User Journey Map

In 2018, Condé Nast went through a re-org to consolidate all its product development efforts with a global design system to be created named Verso. Being that I worked on the initial pitch for this called Experience Platform back in 2016, my first project was on the private documentation website and pattern library built on Gatsby.

Original concept and branding for a design system documentation website. Wrote all initial documentation and workflow.

I also worked on a user journey template for teams to use when creating new products for the various brands.

An adaption of the hook model that is tailored to Condé Nast's business model and offerings.

Golf Digest Schools

Mid-2018, I worked on Golf Digest again to create Golf Digest Schools—a subscription-based video instruction portal for golfers. After months of strategy, research, design, and prototyping, we launched a successful new business and major revenue stream for the brand, becoming a major factor in its sale to Discovery, Inc.

Final: Video lesson page with progressive modules and learning tools (lesson overview, drills, swing keys). Visual design by Adrian Harwood.

GQ Photo Galleries

In early 2018, I worked on GQ to help design the Galleries product to huge success: +100% completion rates, +45% click-through rate, +14% in new revenue generated, and created new sponsorship models to help the sales team sell entirely new units and bundles to brand advertisers like Gucci, Cartier, Bottega Veneta and others.

This was a pivotal win that it became the foundation for all product and photography galleries and was eventually ported over to all Condé Nast websites.

New features include a cinematic feel on both web and mobile, multiple image slide, sponsor content units, affiliate products, immersive recirculation units.

Prototype of gallery on mobile.

GQ Best Stuff Newsletter

I also worked on the GQ Best Stuff newsletter, which was featured on Digiday, as GQ was ramping up its e-commerce efforts.

After doing extensive UX work, prototyping, and high output projects, I was promoted to senior designer.

Golf World

In 2017, I worked on Golf Digest helping revive the Golf World brand (the oldest golf magazine in existence) and strategize its audience funnel, eventually leading to the creation of millenial sports brand The Loop.

New sub-brand homepage for Golf World.

New longform template for Golf World.

BRIDES Redesign + Experience Platform

In 2016, I joined the team as a designer as the company was growing out its digital design team. I first started working on the BRIDES redesign focusing on its wedding inspiration product, then piloted a concept for a global design system called Experience Platform.

Built a gallery with a faceted search (e.g. “Wedding Dresses” + “Monique Lhullier” + “A-Line”). Associate Design Director: Elaine Shum. Visual Designer: Cortney Cassidy.

Early design kit. This platform thinking would eventually be applied to GQ Galleries and the project is what would eventually become Verso years later. Director: Peter Knocke + Product: Joe Cera


2015 - 2016

Apploi streamlines the job application process helping companies such as GrubHub, Panera, Uniqlo, etc. find and hire hourly workers. I worked there as a product designer building consumer and enterprise apps for both web and mobile.

In 2015, I joined to help on a major redesign of their app used by hiring managers to post listings, create online questionnaires, and assess the hiring pool.

Can see listed jobs and candidates who applied at a glance and can see how far along they are in the process.

Then I helped create a new end-to-end online application system for hourly jobs, increasing quality leads for hiring managers and potential for landing a job for applicants.

Applicants can pre-fill with their existing resume, answer questionnaires via video/audio responses, and add times that would be ideal for them to work.

I also designed a hypercontextual mobile app that focused on geo-location and asynchronous video interviews.

Hypercontextual job app that focused on key industries, travel time, and allowed 1-tap to apply with already existing profile and resume.

NOTE: Apploi has since pivoted to medical staffing but still operates on the foundation of the product decisions the design team has built.


2014 - 2015

I worked as a product & design associate for Bespoke, a mobile app that helped creative professionals discover, save, and share inspiration.

Freelance Designer


I worked on various freelance projects strategizing and designing websites, brand identities, advertising and marketing campaigns, blogs, and email newsletters.


These are only some of the many projects and initiatives I was a part of throughout my career but I want to thank everyone that I've worked with in any capacity, from those who gave me a chance, to those I've had the privilege of leading. I'm fortunate to have been in the trenches with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry who will continue to do great work in this business.


Let's build. For inquiries, email jomi.cubol @, DM me on Twitter, or text (914) 979-2287.