Jomi Cubol

Design The Future.™


Sr. Designer, Condé Nast Co/Lab

Insights, ideas, & interfaces. Based in New York.


I’m obsessed with technological revolutions and the role software plays in empowering people at scale, shifting the culture en masse, and creating new realities.

My subjects of focus are design, media theory, and product & business strategy. Together, these have outsized impact on how technologies get created, distributed, and adopted to make life better for people and to liberate society’s creativity and self-expression.

I believe we are at the cusp of a generation that can further catapult human progress unforeseen in the history of man. Several emerging technologies are advancing at the same time, all on top of previous innovations that were once nascent but have now matured and stabilized. There is incredible potential, but we need imagination, conviction, and most of all, audacity.

With billions of people having a supercomputer in their pocket, bandwidth becoming cheaper than ever, and technology permeating every industry, the opportunity is ripe and we must take advantage.

The future we want will not design itself.

Let’s get to work.