I help leaders create new digital businesses that change the trajectory of companies, their customers, and their industries.

I help build the future with soul through product strategy, product design, and design systems rooted in shaping positive behaviors.

I've helped build numerous digital products—for web and mobile, consumer and enterprise, startups and corporations, in various business models and technical stacks—from concept to validation to launch to scale. Want to build the future? Let's work.

What I Can Do

I help teams expand their business through strategy, create separation with product, and help establish & strengthen their design practice.

Below are some examples of what I can do for your team depending on size and specific need:

For Startups For Mature Teams
Nail down go-to-market strategy Explore new areas of opportunity
Be the first product/design lead Expand product feature set
Establish initial product & design practice Define multi-phased product strategy with leadership
Build the first product with the engineering team Refine end-to-end product development process
User research & testing for new products Lead product for a development team
Build early-stage design team Lead product, design, and/or operations

I formulate a product strategy, translate it to strong design concepts, test it with rigor, and execute on it with your team to move your metrics and reach your goals.

Outside of the most obvious things, what is right for one product or company is rarely right for another. If you’re just systematically copying what someone else is doing or how they did it, you cannot create any meaningful separation. This is why it’s crucial to develop your own strategy that is right for you and unique to your company, and a way of doing and thinking about things right for your stage and congruent with your values and mission.

You have to figure out what success means for your company, and what a great product would be that aligns with your version of success, and how to uniquely capture value in return.


Building the future is about having a strong strategy the team can rally behind, high creativity, and high trust. When you have this, you achieve flow.

How I accomplish this as a consultant:

  1. I fully IMMERSE myself in the reality of your business, the stage of your organization, your company’s market, and your team’s specific challenges.
  2. I IMAGINE what a better future would be for your organization, figuring out the few most critical, highest leverage moves that can be made with the resources at your disposal, and what specific things your team can do to get there, with my assistance.
  3. I INTEGRATE myself fully into your current system and find crucial areas of improvement and start to shift things tactically to move towards the desired future state.
  4. I get INVOLVED in the day-to-day operations where necessary, rolling my sleeves and working directly with anyone I have to.

Unfair Advantage

I work as seamlessly with leadership as I do with designers, engineers, and other stakeholders and contributors. In essence, I ship product. And I ship it well.

I can go high-level crafting a business’s annual strategy, to figuring out what to build the next quarter, which features to prioritize the next sprint, all the to designing the product and leading design teams to figure out concepts and flesh out the details.

I have a genuine respect and profound curiosity for the entire product development process instead of just a single practice, allowing me to see things from a higher level but still have direct competency with each function (strategy, design, engineering, data, marketing, sales, etc.).

My biggest edge, however, is my energy. I have an infectious personality driven by challenge and a hunger for excellence. I take pride in doing whatever it takes to win: there is no skill I can’t or won’t learn, or task that’s above or beneath me if push comes to shove. I love working with talented people to do things we couldn’t otherwise do alone. One of the best things about the job for me is being able to learn and teach and grow with others.

Building technology with a humanistic lens is my calling. I treat the craft extremely seriously, while also having a lot of fun in the process.

Let’s Work

Email jomi.cubol @, send me a DM via Twitter, or text (914) 979-2287.

Sidenote: I also give lectures to students, from elementary all the way to graduate, and speak with underrepresented groups about technology. Pending availability, I’m happy to do these as well. Feel free to reach out.